Sessions are available at the studio or on location. This could be your house, shaded area of your yard or a favorite park. Newborns are always better to be photographed in the studio where there is a climate control and the props are close at hand. It also could be done in the comfort of your home using natural window light or professional lighting equipment. Newborn sessions can take longer than the usual 1-1,5 hours session allowing plenty of time for feeding and soothing.

Please keep clothing simple and try to avoid stripes, bold patterns and written logos as we want to keep the focus on your faces. If you are being photographed as a family or siblings are being photographed together, outfits can be similar in style and have the same color tones. It's a good idea to bring your little one's special item such a doll, stuffed animal or a favorite toy. These are the little things you will want to remember in years. The favorites are bare skin for newborns and little babies, bare feet for older kids, jeans and layered clothes. If you have a special outfit please bring it along!